Kid’s Carousel
Stacey Berry, Owner

Background: Degree in Marketing. Wanted to limit work hours to spend more time with her three children, but still needed income.

Type of Business: Children’s clothing consignment

"My sales keep growing. As long as Aronov has spaces big enough for me, I’ll keep leasing!"

Capital City Collectables
David Hosea, Owner

Background: A true entrepreneur who operated two businesses as a teenager, David worked his way through college.

Type of Business: Collectibles, including Pokemon and Beanie Babies

"It’s just been great, better than I ever thought. I really like the hours of operation because it allows me to sell more."

Frame Girl
Fun in the Sun
Gabrielle and Jason Schmitt, Owners

Background: Previously owned seven McDonald’s franchises

"We started with two carts and now have six. We enjoy the retail environment and the freedom. When you’re working toward a personal goal, nothing can stop you."

Misty Mountain Designs
Mark and Sue Smith, Owners

Background: Grocery and jewelry retailing

"The mall is a good place for a business. High traffic, secure area, lots of promotions!"

Odyssey Makers Personal Motion Theatre
Dennis Bender, Owner

Background: Architect

"I’ve enjoyed the flexibility to travel and meet new people."

Lyn Thrasher, Owner

Background: In the retail business for over 25 years

"Very high traffic with high dollar sales, with mall management very friendly and easy to work with."