To help you plan your Thanksgiving Weekend shopping,we are compiling a list of early opening times for our retailers.  Sears will be open 10am-5pm on Thanksgiving Day.  JCPenney opens at 2pm (open all night); Belk opens at 4pm and Mall doors will open at at 4pm on Thanksgiving, and remain open until 1am. Doors reopen at 6am on Friday, November 24th.  Check back often as we will update the list as we receive opening times from our retailers.

Opening 2pm Thanksgiving Day:
JCPenney (open until 10pm Friday)
Stores opening 4pm Thanksgiving Night:
Belk (closing at 1am)
Buckle (closing at 1am)
GNC (closing 1am)
Great American Cookies
Auntie Anne's (closing at midnight)
City Gear (closing at 1am)
Applebee's (closing at midnight)
Skillz (closing at 11pm)
Best Buy Mobile
D'La Cream (closing at 8pm)
Earthbound Trading Co. (closing at 1am)
Fashion Jewelry (closing at midnight)
Footlocker (closing at 1am)
Hibbett Sports (closing at 1am)
New Square (closing at 11pm)
Reed's Jewelers (closing at 1am)
Things Remembered (closing at 1am)
University Wireless (closing at 1am)
Intrigue (closing at 1am)
Wireless World (closing at 1am)
Jewelry Place (closing at 1am)
Smart Tech Repairs (closing at 1am)
Sunglass Hut (closing at midnight)
Roman Delight Pizza (closing at 1am)
Stores opening at 5pm Thanksgiving Night:
American Deli (closing at midnight)
Bath & Body Works (closing at 1am)
Shoe Dept. Encore (closing at 1am)
High Tide Sports (closing at 1am)
Victoria's Secret (closing at midnight)
Stores opening at 6pm Thanksgiving Night:
Sports Additions (closing at midnight)
Journeys (closing at midnight)
Claire's (closing at 11:30pm)
Lids (closing at midnight)
Silver Spoon (closing at 11pm)
Signature Ornaments (closing at 11pm)
American Eagle Outfitters
Em's (closing at 11pm)
Rue21 (closing at midnight)
Stitch Factory (closing at 11pm)
Stores opening at 7pm Thanksgiving Night:
Charlotte Russe
Wireless World
Jewelry Place
Stores opening at 6am on Black Friday:
Great American Cookies
Auntie Anne's
Earthbound Trading Co.
Fashion Jewelry
Hibbett Sports
Reed's Jewelers
Things Remembered
Stores opening at 7am on Black Friday:
Sports Additions
City Gear
American Eagle Outfitters
Charlotte Russe
Roman Delight Pizza 
Stores opening at 7:30am on Black Friday:
Stores not listed should be open by 8am on Friday, November 24th (with the exception of food and service stores).